• We Buy Houses As Is
  • No need to make any repairs
  • Sell your house fast TODAY and Become Financially Free

The Onestep Offer PROMISE:



Fill out the form and we will setup a free appointment


We will meet and evaluate your home


We will give a fair no-obligation cash offer


We close fast in as little as 7 days

The Onestep Offer Difference

Here’s how we compare to traditional selling methods

  • Home Prep
  • Showings
  • Time
  • Offer
  • Cost

The Onestep Offer Difference

Here’s how we compare to the traditional selling process

  • Home Prep
  • Showings
  • Time
  • Offer
  • Cost

None - we make it all happen for you


Reach a closing date and fast sale in under 2 weeks

A trustworthy cash offer


Traditional Home Selling

You manage all the preparation, cleaning and home staging

Multiple showings and walkthroughs required in a show ready open house

List for weeks/months with no time frame and wait 30+ days to close

Risk of sale and potential buyers falling through

Real estate agent commissions, bank fees, double mortgages, etc

What our selling clients love about Onestep Offer

How the Process works

How the Process works

How the Process works

Need to sell your Twin Cities House fast?


What if selling your house could be as simple and effortless as as one click and filling out a few basic facts about your home online? What if you could sell your home with a single fast tracked offer, without agents, banks and even necessary repairs involved? What if you could be immediately free of all your financial and emotional stress and move on with your life straight away?

Here’s the deal: You don’t want 100 people in and out of your home. You don’t want to juggle many agents. You don’t want the headache of endless paperwork. All you want is is a one and done transaction - a fast sale.

That’s the promise of Onestep Offer.

Simple, quick, effortless home sale.

If you want:

  • - To sell your house fast
  • - To stop foreclosure or avoid foreclosure now
  • - Professional service
  • - A fair deal
  • - To attract the best home buyers and get cash for your house
  • - A fast cash in hand offer
  • - Zero headaches
  • - No hassle from real estate agents, buyer’s agents, banks, cleaners and repair men
  • - Ease and immediate financial freedom

We Pay Cash For Houses in the Minneapolis Area, Fast!

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If you want to deal with a highly competent and professional home buying team,
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Sell Your Minneapolis-Minnesota House Now

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There are all kinds of reasons to trust Onestep Offer!

We buy homes from anyone who wants a fair, simple, and fast sale.
A few of the most common reasons we hear include:

  • Preparing for retirement
  • Relocating due to job or age
  • Needing to sell home fast through probate
  • Being behind on a mortgage
  • Downsizing or upsizing
  • Going through a divorce
  • Inheriting a home
  • Needing extensive repairs and home improvement
  • Experiencing financial difficulty

Areas We Serves

We buy homes from anyone who wants a fast, fair, and simple sale. A few of the most common reasons we hear include:


How do I sell my house for cash?

Use a professional cash home buyer company like Onestep Offer. We buy houses as is without the hassle of trying to sell your home the traditional way through a realtor. With a quick home sale, you can skip home improvements, commission fees and close on your terms. Simply fill out the quick form below to get started.

How to find an investor to buy my house?

If you need to sell your home quickly, a real estate investor is a great option to consider. There are several types of real estate investors such as house flippers, landlords, quick resellers and instant buyers. The most hassle-free option is an instant buyer investor like Onestep Offer. We will buy your home fast, for cash, and you can get a closing date sometimes as quick as one week.

What types of homes does Onestep Offer purchase?

We buy most types of residential properties in the Minneapolis-Minnesota area. From single family houses and multi tenant properties to condos, apartments, duplexes and condos, we make selling a home easy and fast. If you are looking to sell your house as is or want a cash offer, call us today.