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Our Mission

To give hassle free relief to home sellers in the most beneficial way, in the shortest time, and have them walk away satisfied that they can move on to next phase in their lives.

Our Story

Selling your house CAN be as simple and effortless as one click away

Becoming immediately free of financial and emotional stress is possible NOW

Selling your home quickly can begin TODAY with a single fast tracked offer, without any agents, banks and even necessary repairs involved.

Onestep Offer has a singular purpose: to transform the home selling process by providing a fast tracked and effortless process that immediately relieves stress, and ensures owners get the most money they possibly can for their home, so they can quickly and easily move on with their lives

Onestep Offer was created when we realized there was a lack of resources for homeowners who want to sell but weren t comfortable listing with agents and/or needed alternative selling options other than a traditional method.

Our Story

Whether you want to sell your house fast for personal reasons, your listing has expired, or you want to stop or avoid foreclosure, our well-thought-out approach ensures we do not overpromise and underdeliver. Our offering is wholly transparent and gives a competitive option that is beneficial for everyone involved, relieving the stress of home sales and complicated processes - from each individual project assessment to our customer experience, transactions and funds availability.

We’re not comfortable seeing homeowners struggle and worry about their house being tied up or not selling. Our joy comes from giving relief to people in most beneficial way in the shortest time. We want to see them walk away satisfied that they can move on to next phase in their lives.

Our goal is to accelerate the financial freedom our customers enjoy when they sell their home, effortlessly, efficiently and hassle free.

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