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Typically, when homeowners first decide to sell their home, they choose to do so by listing with a real estate agent. Unfortunately, too many agents can’t close the deal and don’t create any buzz around your property. The bottom line is…it doesn’t sell.

Selling a house just isn’t as easy as it used to be. The internet age has obsoleted the old sign in the yard and MLS listing. Homebuyers in the current marketplace have unprecedented access to listings thanks to Zillow, Trulia, and other similar sites.

Additionally, the industry is oversaturated with agents,  many of whom are new to the real estate industry and lack the experience necessary to sell homes quickly. Most agents will not understand your sense of urgency because, honestly, they have nothing to lose by taking their time. Ultimately, if the house doesn’t sell, you’re the one making the payments, right?

For homeowners that need to sell a previously listed house quickly, OneStep Offer is the solution. Avoid the hassle and headache of working with traditional real estate agents and get a cash offer to sell your home as-is.

When Is My Real Estate Listing Considered Stale?

When it comes to selling your home, time is money. If sellers don’t receive at least one offer in the first month after listing their home, they will be at a serious disadvantage in the traditional real estate marketplace.

Depending on the market conditions, a house that has been listed on your local MLS for more than 30 days without an offer is considered to be “stale”. Stale listings are particularly off-putting for home-buyers because it gives the impression that there must be something seriously wrong with the house or that it is otherwise tainted.
On the other hand, the buyers who aren’t scared away by a listing with high days on the market or “DOM”  value, will often use it to their advantage throughout the negotiation phase of selling a house.  OneStep offer will make a fair, cash offer to help you sell your home quickly and painlessly.

They do not have the money to make the needed repairs and updates to bring it up to code.

They do not have the time to invest in the home.

They simply may not want to deal with the aggravation.

How OneStep Offer Buys Your Home As-Is?

Top Reasons Why Homes Don’t Sell

Onestep Offer is prepared to buy your home as-is at a fair price and as an alternative to the stress and expense of listing with a real estate agent. It has never been more difficult to sell your home quickly through the traditional channels.  Here are some of the most common reasons why a home does not sell in the current market conditions but are not a problem for home sellers who partner with OneStep Offer:

  • Ineffective Listing Agents: Nowadays, real estate agents are a dime a dozen. Finding someone with who knows your local housing market, how to get potential buyers in the door at an open house or showing, and close the deal is not as easy as it seems. Top agents can be hard to come by. 
  • The Home Itself: Selling a home in the traditional real estate market is incredibly competitive and every detail matters. Any defect, code violation, outdated fixture or a noisy neighbor can and will deter homebuyers. 
  • Supply and Demand: The market value of a home for sale is determined by the amount potential home buyers are willing to pay, not its tangible value. If the demand for a certain type of home or location is low, and/or if the supply is oversaturated with comparable or new homes, the market value of the home is often much lower than the seller’s asking price. This can then extend the duration that a home languishes on the MLS.

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Building codes pertain to the construction and occupancy of a home. They are put in place to protect the health and safety of those who spend time in or around the home, including residents, neighbors, and even passersby.


What to Do If Your Real Estate Listing Has Expired

If your home listing has expired or is becoming increasingly stale on the MLS, all hope is not lost.

First, ask yourself, “Why am I selling my house?” Exploring your motivation to sell is an important first step to determine how to proceed.  Are you relocating for work or because you need more space? Are you unable to maintain the home? Or are you selling to liquidate the home as an asset?
Next, evaluate your timeline. Are you saying “I need to sell my home fast!” or are you in a situation that allows you to say “no rush, these things take time”?  Then, consider the condition of the home. Are there significant home improvements that need to be made to sell? What resources are required to maintain your home?
Depending on your motivation, timeline, and the condition of the home, it’s time to decide what to do next. If your situation allows, you have the option of starting from scratch with a new realtor. Otherwise, consider selling your home as-is with OneStep Offer.

OneStep Offer Can Help You Sell Your House Fast

OneStep Offer buys homes as-is without the hassle of real estate agents. Selling your home “as-is” allows homeowners to sell their homes quickly with no obligation to renovate or repair the home beforehand. Our process is the most simple, straightforward, and transparent way to fast track the sale of your home. Let us help you find the financial freedom you've been dreaming of without the stress and hassle.

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