What happens when a house is condemned?

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If you own a house that has been condemned, neither the property owner or any tenants can live in the home. In fact, usually when a house reaches condemned status, state or local authorities will put a notice or condemned sign on the house that states the property is uninhabitable and the premises must be vacated. These types of condemned house rules are strictly enforced, so it is best to comply and seek legal advice to further understand next steps. 

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Condemned House FAQs

How does a house get condemned?

A condemned house means that the house has certain code enforcement violations and has been deemed unsafe to live in. Housing code violations are managed by the local government. Laws vary based on the location; however, typically the property owner must either make necessary repairs to resolve the code violations or have the house torn down. 

There are a number of reasons that a house can be considered condemned and it is important to note that even newer homes can become condemned properties. Some, but not all of the reasons that a house will be condemned are as follows:

  • The house has been abandoned or boarded up and appears uninhabited for a long period of time.
  • A building inspector has cited specific hazards that make occupancy unsafe.
  • The house has a hygiene problem that is deemed unfit for human habitation or a risk to neighboring homes. This could be issues such as an infestation, black mold, and unclean environments such as hoarding situations.
  • The building is considered dilapidated, which does not require the inspector to cite any specific hazards, but it is considered unsafe.
  • A government entity can also condemn a house claiming eminent domain, which is when they plan to seize the property to demolish it for a public project. This could be a project such as highway construction, public park, airport or projects that will fulfill a public use. 

Can you sell a condemned house?

The rules around selling a condemned property vary by location, but you often have to meet certain code requirements in order to sell. Issues such as heating and ventilation, plumbing, hot water, and electricity need to meet inspection. Sometimes a buyer or seller can petition the local housing authority to allow the sale of the property providing that code requirements will be met. 

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If your house has been condemned due to eminent domain, you cannot sell the property. The federal government or local government (depending on who is seizing the property) must give you a fair market value offer for the property. It is always best to contact legal representation in these cases to ensure that you fully understand the transaction and are getting a fair offer. If you do not believe that you are being offered market value, you may be able to decline the payment and submit an appraisal for the property; however it is best to have legal representation when doing this. 

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Building codes pertain to the construction and occupancy of a home. They are put in place to protect the health and safety of those who spend time in or around the home, including residents, neighbors, and even passersby.


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