Already Moved Into a New Home but Your Previous Home Still on the Market?

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When life moves you to a new home, you should be excited about the prospects. You're living in your dream home or taking advantage of a new job that requires relocating, so life should be pretty good. Yet if your old home isn't selling because of an unpredictable housing market, you find yourself in the position of accidentally having two homes - and two monthly payments. When you're facing this short-term accidental ownership - or a tough buyer's market - you need a quick solution. When you move outside of the area, you spend your own precious time and money managing that old home. Instead of putting yourself under this stress, have you considered selling it?

In addition to wasting your time and money, sitting on a vacant home makes your property a target for burglary. You might be thinking this isn't the case since the property has nothing inside, but even the building materials are at risk. Selling your home takes that worry off your plate.

When you own a home you no longer want, you also have to figure out how to keep everything in order well. It's not possible to manage the property on your own, and you'll need to keep it insured and protected. You might enlist the helping hand of a neighbor, but do you really want to saddle someone else with your problem for an unknown period of time?

So what's the solution? Sell to OneStep Offer. We pay cash for your home and offer a quick, painless selling process. Close on your terms, without waiting for bank or lender approval. Time is money, so it's time to sell your home fast with OneStep Offer.

Are you still waiting for a real estate agent to sell your previous home?

Maybe you’re thinking that you’ll get that piece of real estate sold because you have a realtor on the job. Sure, you can wait for the agent to close the deal, but in the meantime, you’ll be wasting thousands of dollars paying two mortgage payments.

Not only that, but while you’re waiting on the real estate agent, people just keep coming to your vacant home. You have no guarantee that some of those aren’t scoping it out to see what they can swipe. Remember that risk of vandalism and thievery? The more showings and open houses, the more people come in and out of the property, and the higher that risk goes.

Remember, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the best price just by working with a real estate agent. Also, you’ll be saddled with the agent’s fees at closing, which will eat up some of your profits. It’s time to sell your home fast, and an agent may not be the right way.

We pay cash, so you can let go of this risk, get a fair price, and move on from that home fast.

They do not have the money to make the needed repairs and updates to bring it up to code.

They do not have the time to invest in the home.

They simply may not want to deal with the aggravation.

How OneStep Offer Buys Your Home As-Is?

It's time to focus on your new mortgage and stop making two monthly payments!

No one wants to be making mortgage payments on a house they no longer want to own. The longer you wait for your closing date, the more mortgage payments you have to make on the vacant home. During this period of time, your budget is stretched thin as you’re paying for a second home.

Every month that you wait to sell your home, you’re putting money into it that you may not get back. Every month that you wait to sell your house, your needs get pushed aside while you pay for two homes. There’s a better way with OneStep Offer!

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Building codes pertain to the construction and occupancy of a home. They are put in place to protect the health and safety of those who spend time in or around the home, including residents, neighbors, and even passersby.


Empty houses make buyers believe they can offer a lower home purchase price.

There’s another pesky risk to leaving your home on the market waiting for a sale. When homebuyers see a vacant house, they think it’s prime for low-balling . This means you may not get a very good offer when you do finally get one. Remember, home buyers are thinking about their own wallets, and they’re hurting from the down payment and closing costs, so they’re looking for a bargain.

The longer the time period between listing the home and selling it, the more likely it is that you’ll receive low offers. You need to sell your home fast, especially when relocating!

OneStep Offer will buy your old house fast.

You never intended to own two houses. You’re ready to enjoy your current home and put your old house behind you. OneStep Offer helps youstop wasting time and money, so you can enjoy your new home. Our selling process is fast-tracked and requires just a few simple clicks to get started.

Here’s how it works:

Use our simple online request form to give us the details about your real estate. Don’t worry about that dripping faucet or stained carpet. No repairs are needed! We’ll evaluate your home as it is.

We then give you a fair cash offer, without agents or even banks to delay the process. Accept the offer in one simple step, and get money in your pocket for your home. Don’t worry about Realtor commissions, lender denials, down payment problems, or closing costs, but simply put that old house behind you and move forward with the next stage of your life.

With OneStep Offer, you can be immediately free of the burden of owning two homes, without financial or emotional stress.

Stop wasting time and money. It’s easy to sell your home fast. Just fill in the form to request your evaluation today, and sell your old home fast, with no hassle and no headache, through OneStep Offer.

Fill out the quick form to get a cash offer on your house TODAY!