What happens with taxes when you sell real estate?

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The sale of your home is considered taxable income by the IRS. If you are considering buying or selling real estate, it is important to learn about the capital gains tax, which includes real estate transactions. Tax laws also vary by state, so be sure to do research for the state that you live in, so that you understand the tax rates for that state as well.

Taxes FAQs

Will I get hit with a capital gains tax if I have lived in my home for less than a 2 year period?

Yes. There are always some exceptions to every rule, but the general rule is that if you have lived in your home for less than a two year period, you are liable for a capital gains tax at a rate of 15%. You have to declare the sale as income on your next tax return. 

If you have lived in a house as your primary residence for longer than a 2 year period, you can sell your house exempt of capital gains taxes on the first $250,000 you make, or on $500,000 if you are married. It all comes down to the original purchase price, the sale price, and the amount of money you ultimately earn on the sale of a home. 

How can I save money on taxes after selling a house?

We all know that home ownership is expensive. Home sellers don’t want to end up with higher income tax rates after selling a home, but taxes are simply unavoidable if you are trying to avoid jail time, of course. It is always best to speak with a tax professional to ensure that all of your questions regarding real estate transactions and tax implications are answered correctly. That said, there are certainly other ways that you can save money on the sale of a home to help offset any tax bill you may have to pay. 

How can I get a tax break on the sale of my home?

While we cannot offer you a tax break, there are certainly other ways to save money. For starters, skip the real estate agent and consider selling your home for cash. While the sale of your home is still considered taxable income, you won’t have to lose precious dollars paying a high real estate commission. OneStep Offer pays cash fast for homes and can offer you a quick closing date. Selling your house for cash also helps homeowners save money on closing costs. If you’ve made home improvements, you can also use those to get a tax credit, which helps your cost basis too. 

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Building codes pertain to the construction and occupancy of a home. They are put in place to protect the health and safety of those who spend time in or around the home, including residents, neighbors, and even passersby.


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There’s another pesky risk to leaving your home on the market waiting for a sale. When homebuyers see a vacant house, they think it’s prime for low-balling . This means you may not get a very good offer when you do finally get one. Remember, home buyers are thinking about their own wallets, and they’re hurting from the down payment and closing costs, so they’re looking for a bargain.

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